MED-Q Smart Medication Reminder with Flashing LITE-BOX Guides

Smart LITE-BOX Guides


MED-Q's  Medication Reminder's LITE-BOX technology to the rescue.  No more worries about the time or day.  Just take the pills in the Flashing Box.   MED-Q Pill Box couldn't make it any easier. 

Senior Specific Alarms


The Medication Reminder Alarms alarms will get louder and louder.  In fact,  Pill Box  Alarm will escalate in volume 200%. Health care benefits that lower risk of forgetting or overdosing.

No More Forgetting


Miss a Pill…No More Worries.  MED-Q’s Medication Reminder Box alarm repeats every 30 Minutes until the Medication has been taken.  Our Pill Box boasts a compliance rate of over 96%

Full Features Overview Video

MED-Q's "Nurse Inspired Design" was created to put an end to forgetting and over dosing once and for all.  The simple, "Take the pills in the Flashing Pill Box" means no more decision about which pills and what day.  MED-Q is a great addition to your product line.